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The Fat Cherub Fountain

13 Nov

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Don’t you love finding something wonderful in an unexpected place?  I visited a doctors’ office complex in which each courtyard had  fountains, all with a surprising amount of detail and unique patina.  Adrian, the very nice groundskeeper, showed me around.   He is lucky to see such beauty each day.

Following is what I call the Cherub Fountain (my name).  I also took pictures of The Cross-Eyed Lion Head Fountain, The Clam Shell Fountain, and The Acanthus Fountain (I named these too!)  (See Three Beautiful Fountains).

Angelic horns trickle water into a winged lion’ head, which empties into a seven-spouted bowl, which in turn releases into a tub supported by two sentinel lions.

Closeup of Cherubs from Water Fountain

Two baby-fat cherubs in deep relief.  You feel you could push your finger into a pudgy little leg and tickle the toes on the upturned foot of the second cherub.

Detail of Cherubs Face from Water FountainCloseup showing babyish nose, cheeks and fingers.  Stylized hair curls over ears and forehead, appearing damp from splashing water.

Winged Lion Bowl Closeup from Cherub Garden Fountain


Closeup of the winged lion’s head with a stylized, flowing mane and detailed feathers on the wings.

Fountain Spouts from The Cherub Fountain

Even the spouts are beautiful and detailed.  Minerals from years of trickling water have left a white patina.

Sentinel Lion from Base of Garden FountainOne of two crouching lions that form the base, standing guard.