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Grass, Joyce Sidman

5 Jan

Grass, Joyce Sidman

I grow in places
others can’t,

where wind is high
and water scant.

I drink the rain,
I eat the sun;

before the prairie winds
I run.


I see, I sprout,
I grow, I creep,

and in the ice
and snow, I sleep.

On steppe or veld
or pampas dry,

beneath the grand,
enormous sky,

I make my humble,
bladed bed.

And where there’s level ground,
I spread.





The Savior Must Have Been A Docile Gentleman, Emily Dickinson

25 Dec

The Saviour Must Have Been A Docile Gentleman, Emily Dickinson

The Savior must have been
A docile Gentleman—
To come so far so cold a Day
For little Fellowmen—

The Road to Bethlehem
Since He and I were Boys
Was leveled, but for that ‘twould be
A rugged Billion Miles—

– Emily Dickinson

May peace and restfulness be yours this Christmas season.





The Unseen Playmate, Robert Louis Stevenson

20 Dec

When children are playing alone on the green,When children are playing alone on the green,
In comes the playmate that never was seen.
When children are happy and lonely and good,
The Friend of the Children comes out of the wood.

Nobody heard him and nobody saw,
His is a picture you never could draw,
But he’s sure to be present, abroad or at home,
When children are happy and playing alone.

He lies in the laurels, he runs on the grass,
He sings when you tinkle the musical glass;
Whene’er you are happy and cannot tell why,
The Friend of the Children is sure to be by!

He loves to be little, he hates to be big,
’Tis he that inhabits the caves that you dig;
’Tis he when you play with your soldiers of tin
That sides with the Frenchman and never can win.
’Tis he, when at night you go off to your bed,
Bids you go to your sleep and not trouble your head;
For wherever they’re lying, in cupboard or shelf,
’Tis he will take care of your playthings himself

-Robert Louis Stevenson