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Frosty Handmade Wreath

12 Dec

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For a natural looking wreath that looks like it may have been cut from the garden or yard, I find it more economical to purchase a silk garland or plant and make my own, versus starting with a pre-made wreath.  This wreath began as frosted wired branches connected to one stem.

A Frosty Wreath


I cut the branches and wove them together to form an oval.

Merry Christmas Boxwood Wreath Close Up



Berries glittering with “ice” were cut from another plant and joined to the wreath by their wires.

Berries Glitter With "Ice" on the Wreath


A berry-colored sheer hanging ribbon finished it off.  It cost about $20 to make and took about 15 minutes.

A Frosty Holiday Wreath




Merry Boxwood Christmas Wreath

11 Dec

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I like festive, but simple.  I wove a red ribbon through a plain boxwood wreath, and tied a bow:

Festive Boxwood Wreath with Red Ribbon.


Boxwood Wreath with Red Ribbon..

.I set it on the floor to get a better angle while tying the bow.  It didn’t take long for Callie the Mischievous Shih Tzu to claim it as her own.

Making the Christmas Wreath

And nap on it.

Cally Napping on the Boxwood Wreath


At first I was undecided about where it should hang….

Christmas Wreath - Boxwood and Red Bow


Then decided to make another one and put them on the front double door…

Merry Boxwood Christmas Wreath


…for twice the merry.  Hope you are having a merry holiday season!

Boxwood Holiday Wreath with Red Ribbon

A Welcoming Door

9 Nov Double Door Boxwood Wreath

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Garden Boxwood WreathI want the people who come to my home to feel relaxed and welcome, even before I am able to open the door and make them feel so.  I love this simple boxwood wreath, which says “hello” to my guests as they knock.  A simple ribbon change will reflect the seasons – falling-leaf orange for Thanksgiving; deep crimson for Christmas, and perhaps creamy off-white for January.  And for a double welcome, two wreaths – one for each door!

Wreath Craft Ideas

What’s your favorite way of making your visitors feel welcomed?