Vintage-Style Seed Packet Template

9 Dec

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Printable Vintage-Style Seed Packet Template

Here’s another seed packet template to share with you.  It features old-fashioned zinnias.


1) Download template. Click this link to open and download the template:  Vintage-Style Seed Packet Template

Vintage Style Seed Packet Printable Template2) Personalize in the space provided, for example add “to” and “from”, the bride and groom’s name and their wedding date, or express your wishes for a wonderful holiday.

3) Print. Set the page orientation on your printer to portrait and your margins to one inch all around. Load 67 lb paper (plain printer paper works well too). Each page has two templates to cut waste.

4) Cut along the outside borders.

5) Fold the “wings” (flaps) along the bottom and each side toward the back (i.e. non-printed side). Use a ruler to make a sharp crease in each fold. Fold the packet in half, along the line where the front and back meet. Fold down the top cover.

6) Glue the top edge of the back flap down, and glue the rest of the flaps together. Let the glue dry.

7) Fill the packet with seeds. Fold down the top cover.

 These seed packet templates are free of charge. You do not need to give any information (i.e. name, email, etc.) to use them. Copyright permission is for non-commercial use only. Feel free to link to them using the following url: . Kindly do not link directly to the templates themselves.  Thank you and enjoy!

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