Plants That Are Poisonous to Your Dog

3 Nov

Caly The Mischievious Shih-TzuBeware of poisonous plants that lurk in your garden and that can harm your dogs!  When my beloved Shih-tzu was a puppy I found her munching on a sago palm leaf that extended into her favorite resting area on the back patio.  Little did I know that sago palms are very poisonous to dogs.

An exhaustive list of poisonous plants does not exist so be sure to check several so you don’t miss one.     I  used the those below because they are all expert sources:

If you suspect your pet has eaten something poisonous do not hesitate to immediately call or take your pet to your veterinarian, an emergency animal hospital, or call the ASPCA’s 24-hour emergency poison hotline at 1-888-426-4435 for guidance.

You might also want to read some very disturbing information about chicken jerky from China:

FDA website with link to document “Pet Jerky Consumer Complaints”

Poisoned Pets blog with FDA test results

Caly Snoozing in Upsidedown Snoopy Pose


By the way, Cally is doing absolutely great now.  Here she is snoozing upside down.





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