Nontoxic Ant Control

27 Oct
Ant Conference

Two ant leaders conferencing to plan the best home invasion route.

I awoke this morning to a home invasion – – of the insect kind.  Yikes!  Tiny black ants on a busy morning scout had discovered the dry dog food bowl tucked in a niche off the kitchen.  A dark wavy line threaded its way from the bowl to a crack lodged between the dining room wall and tile floor.  Every ant in the nest must have been at the party; there were hundreds.

I hate killing anything, I don’t even like killing ants, but they had to go.  I used wet paper towels to wipe them up.  Water seems to stun them long enough to tie them into a plastic trash bag.  But …

…they weren’t taking the hint and continued to wander in.  I remembered an old folk remedy, something about peppermint oil being a natural ant repellant.  No peppermint oil in the house, but I did have some liquid soap with peppermint oil in it, which I diluted with water (about a 1:10 ratio).  It’s been over four hours and I’ve not seen another ant!  I guess Dr. Brommer’s Magic Soaps really are magic!

Update the next evening: still no ants!

Update on October 31, 2011: still no ants. . .

Update on December 2, 2011: still no ants  : )

Update on February 1, 2012: Apparently the peppermint wore off.  The ants discovered another way into the house and went straight for the dog food again.  More Brommer’s was applied and all is well once more.  It seems that ants are much like people: somewhat lazy and liking the easiest method.  Rather than scavenge outside for their own food, which is plentiful in the sunshine and 72 degree weather we are having here in Southern California, they would rather  amble on inside for the dog’s food, already gathered together in a nice little bowl.

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