Window Boxes with Wow

18 Sep

How to Garden With Impact in Small Spaces.

If you live in an apartment, patio home, city environment, or just need a small-space garden, window box gardening is for you!   Although there is no “right” or “wrong”, here are some ideas to help jump-start your creativity.

Each element in a small-space garden counts.

Consider the texture, color and style of each part, how the elements will relate to each other, and how the planted window box will relate to its surroundings.  The type of window box you choose will set the overall tone, and they come in a huge variety of colors, materials and styles.

Will your windowbox plantings reflect a modern, minimalist aesthetic, showcase  a single color and type of flower, or perhaps tumble abundantly over the side?  No matter which style you choose, a smaller space cannot carry an overgrown look well and will benefit from frequent trimmings and dead heading to keep it looking tidy and well-edited.

Add height to your window box plantings.

Unless you are aiming for a very modern or streamlined look, add interest with three levels of height.  You can accomplish this with differently sized plants, adding a small trellis, or incorporating other garden accessories such as statuary.  Choosing one central tall plant, or three tall plants, is a good way to begin differentiating your design into three “height layers”.

Window Box Flowers

Modern window box designs

If you prefer an unfussy look, choose a contemporary window box.   Use only two colors in your plantings: the green of the stems and leaves, and the flower color of your choice.  You can use more than one type of flower as long as they are all the same color. For a very modern flair, use only one type of flower in one color.  Or just use green plants with interesting textures, without any flowers.  Anything that trails over the side should have a very clean line.

Contemporary Window Box Planting DesignApartment Gardening

Window box gardens are as beautifully unique as the people who plant them.   Viva la difference, and enjoy!

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