new front door welcome

free printable address change cards

Front Door Welcome - Free Printable Address Change Card


I hope these free address change cards make one of your moving tasks a little bit easier!

I created the template in Microsoft Word, to be compatible with versions 95 and forward.  You can easily modify the fonts in the title and the body, including color, font type and size.  You can also modify the text to add your own information and to even create a different title, if you like.

Following are the instructions.

Printer-friendly instructions for free printable address change cards.



1) First, get the template here: new front door free printable address change cards.  The template was created in Microsoft Word.  You will get three cards per sheet, to reduce waste.New Front Door Welcome - Free Printable Address Change Cards

2) Personalize the cards with your information, such as name, address and phone.  You can also customize the font color, size and type, and create your own title.  Just click in the text box as you normally would with Microsoft Word, and make your changes.

3) Print your cards. Set the page orientation on your printer to portrait and your margins to zero all around. Load your paper (I used 110 lb, but any kind is fine.  Select the number of copies you wish to make, keeping in mind that three per page will print.  So for example, if you want 30 cards print ten pages.

4) Cut along the outside borders of your cards with scissors or a paper-cutter.
These templates are completely free, and your information is not requested in order to use them (i.e. name, email, etc.) Copyright permission is granted for non-commercial use only. Please do not link directly to this template, but feel free to link to it using the following url:

Happy Moving!


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